About Us

Golden Construction and Designing (GCD) ltd is an engineering construction and architectural designing firm formed in 2017. We believe buildings are for people. In addition, forming and preserving a building is both a human and a technical challenge. That is what drives us

We like to stay close to our customers even after project delivery, so we understand your issues and your environment. Adding that spirit to our unique innovation and creativity have extraordinarily grown our name within few years unlike any other construction company across the region as our first project valued around 2 Billion Rwandan francs has been approved as the best in East African region.

We can deliver any, or all, of the services customers need: from the moment, you decide you need new facilities through to running and managing your buildings.

Golden construction operates in the construction, architecture and engineering consultancy sectors. Bringing our creative vision to life in compromising, unadulterated, and completely unselfish ways. Always keeping a watchful eye on efficiency and a tireless commitment to beauty and quality. Eliminating waste, miscommunication, untidiness, and headaches for everyone involved. Moreover, never settling for anything less than a perfect realization of our vision.


The company’s goal is to offer high-level architecture and construction services. The skills of engineering construction and architectural designing are complimentary and permit the company to offer cost and contract implementation or consultancy services together in architectural works and civil engineering construction in addition to A – Z guidance.

This qualifies us to serve not only new-build and renovation construction projects but also to provide a complete service for term maintenance, repair and component upgrade works. We have extensive knowledge in the provision of architectural modeling, township rendering, project walk-through animation and visualization services on high value and complex projects.

We can therefore offer a wide-ranging construction consultancy services with the suppleness to meet the necessities of our clients and to familiarize to changing environments.

Our Vision

Our industry is going through massive change and disturbance: most of it for the better, as construction becomes more focused on the users of buildings and on long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

We aim to be the preferred partner for clients in the markets we serve and the career destination for our industry’s top talent by showing our clients the better way to bring their dream projects to life. We are embracing the change. It is at the heart of our vision for Golden construction and designing ltd to become a distinctive construction, construction project management and architectural designing brand by being customer-centric, innovative and sustainable.

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Every one of our staff members is devoted to delivering the finest possible results.



MURENZI Nurudine




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