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Welcome to Golden Construction and Designing Company!
“Appreciating clients, Building an outstanding team, reporting to Heavenly Lord”

Watch our recently delivered real estates project study in GUINEA – Conakry

Our services are built on an understanding and ownership of each unique project. Whatever your vision, we apply the accurate expertise to go beyond your expectations and bring your project to life, from construction permit application to good performance certificate signing.


Our success as a business cannot be measured exclusively by financial performance and we recognize that our standing for routing a business with uprightness and veneration is similarly critical. Since we started, innovation and honesty have been leading our performance, which incredibly raised our company within only first year without struggling as much as use to be to several of construction companies.


By doing everything technologically and inventively in Kigali, we uniquely collaborate with you to plan your project from the grand vision to the little details. Try us today!

our main services

architecture works

we have the ability of handling projects starting from the Schematic Design phase to Design Development & Construction Documents production.

construction works

Our company’s Construction department is designed to turn the architectural styles and designs into physical reality for today’s clients or buyers.

we know the value of a client


We talk with clients, not at them

Have you ever noticed that good listeners are the best partners? We want to understand the vision for your project, what challenges you have, and work with you to bring your project to life.

Relationships, not transactions

What keeps you up at night? How can we make this easier for you? We work to exceed your expectations and get to know you so that your project experience is even more amazing than you ever imagined.

We still pick up the phone call

Of course, we have an email! However, we also have real people to answer your call. Try it today; we cannot wait to talk to you!